Terms & Conditions to use this HKC Project App (“the App”)

The use of the App is subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. The site delivery information of the App is generated over a remote server. Due to GPS accuracy and data transmission time between GPS device and remote server, the information as shown may not be accurate. The aim of the App is to provide you a reasonable information of concrete delivery to your project / construction site.

2. Privacy Notice

The App does not collect, store or process any personal data about you (“Personal Data”) when you are using the App.

3. Disclaimer

The App, its platform, its software and all content found in it are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The App does not give any warranties,
whether express or implied, as to the accuracy, suitability or usability of the App, its software or any of its content. The data provider will not be liable for any loss, whether such loss is direct, indirect, special or consequential, suffered by any party as a result of their use of the App, its platform, its software or content. The data and contents shown / displayed on the App, its platform, its software are strictly for user’s information only and shall not be used as evidence to make any claim to the data provider. Any downloading, screen saving of data from the App is done at the user’s own risk and the user will be solely responsible for any damage to any mobile phone system or loss of data that results from such activities.

Should you encounter any bugs, glitches, lack of functionality or other problems on the website, please let us know immediately so we can rectify them as soon as possible. Your help in this regard is greatly appreciated! You can write to us at info@hkconcrete.com.hk

(V8 - Last Update: 17 July, 2019)